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our first wellness event

An afternoon of wellness hosted by House of Balance, including a 60-minute reformer session, two discussions on women's health and nutrition, and a nutritious lunch at Fitology.

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Bootcamp balance

The afternoon will start with our 60-minute Reformer Pilates Boot Camp – a high-intensity, fun-filled workout featuring HITT on the reformer, incorporating dumbbells. Kickstart the year with a killer workout session!


A conversation about nutrition

a talk from Grace Alexandra Jupp, who will be delving into a comprehensive discussion on nutrition. She will offer support, motivation, and tools to establish a healthy approach to food and exercise.


A talk with the female health physio

Grace Covington is a specialist Pelvic Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with a passion for female health and performance. In this talk, she will be discussing all things women’s health! 

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Following these sessions, we'll gather at Fitology, to have a nutritious and delightful lunch (covered by your ticket). This will be an opportunity for the whole group to engage in conversations and socialise.

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 Reserve your spot now!

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